Chat GPT Online

Chat GPT Online is a Generative pre-trained transformer technology, powered by OpenAI. It is an artificial intelligence based Chatbot that generates responses in natural language. Due to its Natural Language Processing (NLP) ability, it provides a real-time response within seconds by simply giving some prompts.

OpenAI Chat GPT generates human-like text by exploring all internet data and finding the best answer possible. It can also generate various responses to a single prompt by clicking the regenerate button. It has been trained on billions of parameters and a database has been generated from different websites, journals, books, and surveys.

As an AI Model Chat GPT Online is unbiased and has no emotional touch, however, the data taken from various sources may have some biases tilt toward something. The response generated is purely based on the accuracy of prompts and is independent of any emotion or feelings. There are also restrictions on topics like politics, religion, and adult and immoral or taboo.

Chat GPT Login Free

How to Access Chat GPT Online

Chat GPT Online

To have ChatGPT Online Access you must create an account on OpenAI Website. For this follow the below steps:

  • Visit the OpenAI Chat GPT Login page
  • Click on the sign-up button.
  • Now enter your email address and password.
  • Verify your email address and then enter your first name, second name, and date of birth.
  • Verify your mobile number and you are all set to use Chat GPT online.

How to Access Chat GPT 4 Online

Follow below simple guidelines to have Chat GPT 4 access:

  • Once created an account on the OpenAI website, log in to your account and look for the GPT 4 tab with a lock icon on the upper screen. The lock icon shows that you haven’t activated the GPT 4 plan which is available in the premium package.
  • Click on it and it will ask you to upgrade.
  • It will only cost 20$ per month which is nothing, Pay the 20$ using your debit or credit card and you are all set to use ChatGPT 4.

Different Versions of Chat GPT Online

GPT Version

This was the initial version of Chat GPT by OpenAI launched back in 2018. This Generative pre-trained transformer model was promising and was able to generate creative and accurate concepts using some initial prompts or guidelines.

GPT 2 Version

The first update came in the form of the GPT 2 model. 

  • GPT 2 contains 124 million parameters as compared to GPT 1 which only contains 117 million parameters.
  • The text generation quality was improved by adding more trained data.
  • Textual understanding was enhanced and was able to generate long sentences and paragraphs.
  • GPT 2 was designed to reduce biases and was sensitive to input prompts.
  • The word limit was also extended in the GPT2 version.

GPT 3 Version

This update came in the year 2020.

  • The model was trained on 1.5 to 175 billion parameters.
  • It could generate more accurate text in natural languages.·
  • It could generate large text with very little context or background information.· Word count was also improved.

GPT 3.5 Version

The GPT 3.5 version was launched in 2022 by OpenAI. It contains more than 175 billion parameters with more coherent and accurate text generation. It also improved word count and came up with multilingual support. Translation in different languages is also possible in GPT 3.5. Using its API key programmers can also train to use it as a virtual assistant chatbot.

GPT 4 Version

The latest version of Chat GPT online is GPT 4 which is only available in their premium plan. It will be launched in 2023 reaching up to 1 trillion parameters, which means it can generate more coherent and accurate information with little contextual knowledge. It only costs 20$ per month which is just a peanut.

Chat GPT Applications

Following are some of the important Chat GPT applications you must know:

Academic Research and Development:

Students of academic qualifications can get help from chat GPT to seek help in their research and academics. They can share their problems with chatgpt and it will come up with the best possible solution.

SEO Optimized Blogs Creations:

SEO experts can take the help of openchatgpt to generate highly SEO-optimized articles and blog posts for their websites. It can also do keyword research for you, provide alternate and long tail keywords, and adjust those keywords maintaining the keyword density.

Virtual Assistant:

Chat GPT chatbot can perform virtual assistant work for your businesses and services. You just need to train it on your business data and it will learn in no time, It will be your customer support representative answering all the questions from clients.

Language Translation:

Google Translate is a good tool for language translation but it is not accurate enough and to some extent out of date. Chat GPT is more advanced and can translate data according to modern language, understanding all trends and providing more accurate translation.

Result Interpretation:

If you have some data in the form of tables or other raw data forms and want to know what is data about or want to interpret the data results then chatgpt free online is the best option. Paste all the data in the blank box of chatgpt and write the prompt “interpret the above data”.

Write Code in All Programming Languages:

Programmers and developers can write complex programming code in any of the programming languages such as HTML, Java, Python, and Dart by simply giving prompts in the natural language. It also allows one to convert one language code into another smoothly.

Creative Writing:

Chatgpt AI is a good tool for creative writing such as poems, poetry, short moral stories, and the generation of new concepts and ideas.

Create YouTube Videos Script:

If you are a daily Vlogger or YouTube content creator then you can write your script using the chat gpt AI tool. It will write a short, attractive, and highly precise video script with every little detail of scene and dialogue.

How to Write a Prompt on Chat GPT Online

Here are step-by-step guidelines to write an accurate prompt on ChatGPT online free:

  • Understand the problem which you want to solve.
  • Start by giving some background and contextual information.
  • Describe the problem to the point and avoid any unnecessary information·
  • Don’t put large of data, high amount of data may confuse the chatbot.
  • Avoid any adult content.· Try to ask open-ended questions.
  • Use complete sentences and use punctuation if possible.
  • Experiment with prompts and try again and again until you reach accurate and desired results.


Chat GPT online by OpenAI is a free AI tool to generate high-quality text using Natural Language Processing capabilities. Due to its cutting-edge technology and billions of parameters, it stands up among all artificial language models. To use it, users need to go to the Chat GPT login page create an account, and start using it.